Xitaima - Lucía Lemus de la Cruz, Wirikuta 1978 ~ Photograph ©Juan Negrín

The daughter of members of the Tuapurie community of Jalisco, Xitaima was born in Ruiz, Nayarit in 1953.

Yauxali - Pablo Taizán de la Cruz

Pablo Taizán de la Cruz is also known by his Wixárika name, Yauxali, which means The Garment of Our Father (Sun).

Tutukila Carrillo Sandoval & Juan Negrín 1975 ©Yvonne Negrín

Tiburcio Carrillo Sandoval was born on a ranch in Tuapuri, one of the most traditional Huichol communities, in 1949. 

Juan Ríos Martínez 1976 ©Juan Negrín

Juan Ríos Martínez, was born in 1930 and given the Wixárika name Taurri Mutuani, or “Painted Red” because of his skin pigmentation.

Guadalupe González Ríos 1976 ©Juan Negrín

Guadalupe González Ríos, Ketsetemahé Teukarieya, or “Godson of the Mounted Iguanas,” was born on December 12, 1923 in the Huichol settlement of Carretones de Cerritos, Nayarit.

José Benítez Sánchez

José Benítez Sánchez was born in 1938 on a ranch called San Pablito in Nayarit and given the name Yikaiye Kikame, “Silent Walker,” in the Wixarika language.