Embroidered shoulder bag, kutsiuri

Embroidered shoulder bag, kutsuri - Photograph ©Yvonne Negrín 2018
Reverse side of embroidered kutsuri - Photograph ©Yvonne Negrín 2018

This kutsuri (shoulder bag) is a very fine example of Wixárika embroidery, using a diagonal two point stitch, sometimes referred to as the "punta de oro". The design is of the two-headed eagle, a classic and often seen design in woven and embroidered items made by the Wixaritari. It was made using cotton muslin that was once produced at a textile mill in Bella Vista on the outskirts of Tepic, Nayarit. The thread used is aniline dyed cotton and the kutsiuri is finished with pom poms and a strap made from a fine commercial wool.

Year Created
Object Medium
Materials & Techniques
Cotton muslin embroidered using the diagonal stitch with cotton aniline dyed threads