The Huichol Scholarship Fund: What it is and How it Operates

* Friday, February 19th 1 PM (San Francisco), 3 PM (Puerto Vallarta), 4 PM (New York/Toronto)


Like other Indigenous nations, the Huichol seek to preserve their culture and reinforce their political autonomy while dealing with serious threats from governments, corporations and other predatory forces. Key to success for the Huichol will be the ability to draw on their traditions as well as the knowledge, skills and abilities of university educated Huichol with a detailed understanding of the wider society. The Huichol Scholarship Fund (HSF), now in its third year of operation, supports Huichol university students to ensure they complete their educational programs. This talk will focus on how the HSF does that.

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•  Bianca América Enríquez López (‘Tanima’) is a 2020 law graduate, and a past HSF recipient.  
•  Isaías Navarrete Chino is an undergraduate student in forestry, class of 2021, and a current HSF recipient.
•  Diana Negrin da Silva is a geographer, curator and university teacher (University of San Francisco and UC Berkeley) who focuses on identity, space and social justice movements. She is a native of Guadalajara and San Francisco and has done extensive research on the Indigenous population of Jalisco and Nayarit. Diana’s research on and support for Indigenous university students has been central to the ongoing work of the Huichol Scholarship Fund, which she co-founded. She is a past President and current Board member of the Wixarika Research Center.
•  Brian McDougall
is an adjunct Professor of Indigenous and Canadian Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa. In addition to being a retired university teacher and Canadian federal public servant, Brian runs a radical historical walking tour business in Ottawa, and is active in a wide range of social and climate justice movements. As co-founder of the Huichol Scholarship Fund, Brian has lectured about it and other topics for the International Friendship Club in Puerto Vallarta. 
To watch a recorded version of our February 5th lecture, please go to:
Organized by the Huichol Scholarship Fund, with assistance from the International Friendship Club and the Wixarika Research Center.



Sacred Plants Forum: Uses and Norms

* November 21 and 22, 2018 at the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH) in Mexico City is organizing in conjunction with the collective Drugs, Politics and Culture (DPC) the Sacred Plants Forum: Uses and Norms, November 21 and 22, 2018 at the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH) in Mexico City. Due to the success of our most recent Congress of Sacred Plants of the Americas, we seek to provide continuity to these discussions. The objective of the event is to inform and make visible the current debates related to plants and psychoactive substances, with a multidisciplinary perspective provided by the experts presenting at the forum. It also seeks to contribute new reflections in the intersectional discussions on drugs, that are also related to the traditional, contemporary, urban, therapeutic and personal uses of psychoactive plants. The forum will be attended by diverse specialists, including anthropologists, historians, political scientists, physicians, biologists and other experts on plants and psychoactive substances.

You can find more details here.