Newsletter "Meeting of the Alliance for the Regeneration of the Altiplano-Wirikuta"

The three days of work included free hands-on workshops in the morning and collective co-design sessions in the afternoon. After two years of practical workshops where we planted dozens of mesquites, agaves, and tuna-producing cacti in a milpa near the sacred place of Tamatsi Kauyumarie (Bernalejo) and in the primary school of the Las Margaritas ejido, we wanted to consider proposals to create a model for arid agroforestry in a single physical space in the region, thus articulating the economic needs of the region with contributions from local participants, Wixáritari from different communities, and civil associations focused on agroecological and biocultural training and development.

The meeting took place this time within the school calendar year to allow for a greater presence of the Las Margaritas primary school, and the parents of the ejido. In addition, we wanted to respect the planting season that occupies so many Wixárika families during the rainy season.

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