Man's woven belt

A very finely spun and woven wool man's belt using indigo dye. Photograph ©Yvonne Negrín 2002 - 2018

This belt (huayame) was woven in the late 1950's or early 1960s of hand spun and indigo dyed wool and uses a single strand of yellow and red dyed wool to accentuate the edges. The central motif represents the peyote, hikuri in Wixárika, which is often seen in Wixárika weaving and embroidery. The ends are finished with a fine braiding not often seen anymore. The huayame is mostly worn by men and is wrapped several times around the waist.

Photograph ©Yvonne Negrín 2002 - 2018

Year Created
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Materials & Techniques
Woven from hand spun wool using natural indigo dye.