Our Elder Brother Hot Arrows

Our Elder Brother Hot Arrows - Yauxali 1981

Tamatsi Xuká Uruní, Our Elder Brother Hot Arrows, is an appearance of Tamatsi Kauyumari, Our Elder Brother Fawn of the Sun, revealed to the shaman who has consumed peyote. He is the shaman’s deer companion with a plumed arrow enabling him to transmit his words to Our Ancestors and the round peyote forms become nierikate, mirrors of metaphysical perception. 

After hikúrite, peyote cacti, have been eaten one may see Our Elder Brother’s words. They change into the shape of a poisonous spotted lizard, associated with corn because of its multi-colored spots, a snake and the deer itself, which is embodied in hikúrite. One may see as far as Tayau, Our Father Sun (at top center), with his antlers surrounded by hikúrite or nierikate.

In the next section, aikutsi, the votive bowl of the generic ancestor of the deer, Tatutsí Maxakuaxí, Our Great Grandfather Deer-Tail, is represented as a prickly pear cactus (below the sun). The facial paint patterns that are drawn on our faces with a yellow root, uxa, are symbolized as striated lines. A maize plant stretches up to that point (from the lower right) with antlers at its top and husks on its extensions, in addition to a nierika.

Explanation and Interpretation by Juan Negrín based on a taped conversation with the artist.
©Juan Negrín 1981 - 2018. All rights reserved digital and print. 

Object Medium
Materials & Techniques
Plywood, pure beeswax, wool yarn